Plan of the lesson. Theme: Sport

Plan of the lesson

Theme: Sport

Developing: to develop their grammar box, vocabulary, writing, listening, work with partner and to make a short dialogue and monologue and be active at the lesson.

Cultural: to formation their aethetic to quality personality pupils. To know their interest for sport and favourite sport; to be courtesy, responsibility, honest and be friendly.

Expect result:

Children will be know new words, grammar works, and use in your speech. They can read a text and understand words, sentence;

Methods of teaching: group work, pair work, individual work, speaking, writing, reading, play a game, sing-song;

Visual aids: For teacher: cards, interactive board, smile cards, pictures, A3 paper, stickers.

For children: book, copybook, exercise book, color pencils.

Interactive link: music (sing-song), P.E (type sports), self-knowledge;

The procedure of the lessson.

      I.Org. Moment.

 Greeting with children!

Be ready for the lesson.

Information about lesson. Slide 1.

Divide two group (Basketball, Football)

T SS: Be ready and be active .Which group very fast and clever and they take some smile cards.


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